I am also a certified Consulting Hypnotist, certified by the acclaimed Academy of Professional Hypnosis in New Jersey.

Hypnosis is a very powerful modality that can really help people in many areas. During hypnosis the client is in a very relaxed safe state so that the conscious mind can be quieted to allow the subconscious mind to step forward. In this state the client is given certain positive suggestions depending on what the issue is. Once these suggestions are given, the client has a new, more positive way of thinking which aids them in being successful in the area we were working on.

Some of the more common issues Hypnosis is great for helping with:

* Sleep Issues
* Stress
* Smoking Cessation
* Weight Loss
* Self-Confidence
* Fear of Public Speaking
* Fear of Performing

I am also certified in Thinner Band Hypnosis(TM) which takes the place of lap band surgery and is very effective.

If you live in the NJ/NY area and are interested in talking to me about hypnosis, feel free to contact me to discuss your situation. I am also open to using Skype if you are not local.