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Affirmations that help

Last night I was on a coaching call with a client and she realized that she has trouble saying “no” to someone, and always thinks she has to come up with several excuses of why she has to say no, instead of simply just saying something like “no, thanks for asking but i’m not available now.”  After talking about it for a while she realized that she had to do that growing up in order to make it “ok” to say no.  So all this time she has been telling herself the same story – that she can’t just say no to something without coming up with several reasons of why she is saying no.  Once we figured that out I suggested that she change the story she has been telling herself about this to a story that she can say “no” to someone without several reasons of why, and that it’s ok.  So I suggested she come up with an affirmation about this that she can add to her morning affirmations.  She was excited to do this and for now came up with “it is ok and safe for me to say “no” to someone in a kind way without having to say why.”   Of course she can always fine tune this affirmation and expand it, but for now this felt good for her and empowering.  What story are you telling yourself about something in your life that needs to be rewritten and what affirmation can you create about it that will help your story change for the better?

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