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Allow or Continue Blocking?

It’s not very often that my computer reminds me about the Law of Attraction, in fact, up until now it never has.

However, recently whenever I go to a website, a window pops up on the upper right hand corner of the screen and there are two buttons.  One says “Allow” and the other one says “Continue Blocking“.  These words are so Law of Attraction!

I love that my computer is now asking me this.  Not because of the reason why the computer is asking me, but because it reminds me to ask myself “am I allowing or blocking what I want to manifest?”  And of course I always remind myself to think “I allow all that I want.”  Whenever I think that, I feel a sense of calm because I can feel that it’s on its way.

Reason for allowing

It’s vital that we always do our best to allow what we want to manifest because if we don’t, then we are blocking it.

There are several ways to allow.  One easy way is to simply think about and focus on things that make you feel good.  When you do this you are offering little resistance in your state of feeling good, and the opposite of resistance is allowing.

I hope you are also choosing to “Allow” instead of “Continue Blocking.”

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You can attract what you want!

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