The Law of Attraction and You

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The Law of Attraction and You - What's It About?

Blog by Life Coach David

The Law of Attraction Is Always Responding To You

The Law of Attraction is something that responds to all of us every day! It's a universal law that affects all of us. However, the good news is that once you understand what it is, you can "use" it in your favor.

So what is the Law of Attraction? Though many people explain it in different ways, in my opinion, there really is only one definition. That is "like energy attracts like energy." That sounds interesting, but what does that mean? That means that what you're thinking about causes you to feel a certain way, either positive (high vibration) or negative (low vibration). The Law of Attraction is picking up on the feeling and matching it.

Examples of Law of Attraction And You

For example, say Joe was thinking about money and how much he doesn't have, how hard it is to earn it, and how he's never going to be able to pay off his bills. He's putting out a negative energy (low vibration) about money. The Law of Attraction is picking up on that and saying "OK, here's more circumstances of Joe not attracting more money."

However, say Joe found me and started coaching with me. I would explain to him that the way he's thinking about money is blocking it from manifesting for him. I would give him processes to practice which would force his thoughts about money to be much more positive (high vibration).

The Law of Attraction would pick up on that and he'd start attracting more money! He may suddenly get a raise, or get an unexpected check in the mail. The way he attracts more money could happen in many different ways, but he would attract more money. That's because even though he doesn't have money, his new positive thoughts changed the way the Law of Attraction is responding to him.

So think about how you're thinking about things you want to attract. Are you thinking about how hard it is to attract or are you lost in thoughts of positive expectation about it?

It's up to you how you think about what you want!