The Law of Attraction Can Make You Happy!

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Can the Law of Attraction Make You Happy? YES!!!

Blog by Life Coach David

What does the Law of Attraction have to do with how happy you feel? Everything!

This is because once you really understand it, you realize that how happy you feel is another way of saying how high vibration you feel. Living your life from a Law of Attraction point-of-view means doing what you can every day to keep yourself at a high vibration. Sometimes that may mean getting yourself from a 2 to a 4, and sometimes it can mean getting yourself from a 7 to a 10.

But why is this? This is because the happier you keep yourself feeling, the more you'll attract that will keep you feeling happy. It could mean material things, it could mean a new friend, a new relationship, or even an unexpected check in the mail.

So how do we deliberately keep ourselves feeling happier (high vibration)?

We have to get to a point in our lives where we're in control of how happy/good we feel, not outside circumstances. Yes, when something good happens for us it does feel good in the moment which is great. But eventually that feeling will fade unless we know what to do to keep it going. And of course if something dramatic happens to us like someone passing away or saying goodbye to a family pet, then we'll be sad for a while. But I'm talking mainly about our every day typical life. That's something we can take control of.

Techniques To Help You

There are many processes and techniques which I teach my clients which help them achieve staying at a high vibration (feeling happy). However, for this blog I'll share one of them that really helps. It's called "Thoughts that make me feel good" process. Make a list of words that make you feel good. Some examples are: puppies, kittens, traveling, hiking, bowling, golfing, desserts, etc. Obviously this list can go on and on and is individual to each person. Once you have your list, here's how to use it.

If you find you want to feel happier, refer to your list and think of each word on the list and why you like it. After a few minutes of doing this you'll feel better/higher vibration. It works every time! It sounds simple, but when you really do it, you'll notice the positive difference. You can also use this list if you find you're caught up in a spiral of negative thoughts about something. If you realize you are, divert your thoughts to the words on the list and just by thinking about these things you like, you'll feel the difference.

So start taking more control of how happy you feel and not only will you feel happier in general, you'll attract circumstances and situations that will continue to make you feel happy!