The Law of Attraction - What's Your Thought Footprint?

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Your Thought Footprint - What's Yours?

Blog by Life Coach David

Your Thought Footprint - What Are You Putting Out?

You know how people talk about their "carbon footprint?" That refers to how much waste we are leaving on the planet. That's important to think about and do what we can to reduce the amount of waste we leave on the planet.

But from a Law of Attraction point-of-view, we have to think about our thought footprint. If you think of your thoughts as leading you to what you want, or to what you don't want, that's your thought footprint.

You have to ask yourself what your thought footprint is. You can tell by what you usually think about. Are you usually thinking about what you don't want and/or how hard things are? Or, do you think about what you want and how excited you are with the idea that it's on its way?

A Positive or Negative Thought Footprint?

If you realize that you usually think about what you don't want, then you have to change your thought footprint so you stop attracting what you don't want. If that's the case, you have to do your best to refocus on what you do want. One easy way to do this is to become more aware of what you're thinking about. If it's not what you want, simply ask yourself in the red hot moment "What do I want?" regarding the thing you were thinking about. Then deliberately get lost in thought about that. By doing this your thought footprint is leading you to what you want, instead of away from it.

Just think if everyone had a positive thought footprint! That would make the world and their lives such an amazing place! So try to be a part of those of us who are deliberately leaving a positive thought footprint so you can attract what you want and be a positive influence to the world.

Another Way to Leave a Positive Thought Footprint

You can also leave a positive thought footprint by paying attention to how good/happy you feel. If you're not feeling as happy as you'd like, do something to help yourself feel happier. You have that ability! For example, if you're not feeling that happy do something you enjoy. Though that can be different for everyone, some examples may be: going for a walk in a nice area; exercising; calling a good friend; going shopping; playing with your dog or cat if you have one; watching a movie that makes you feel good.

Though the list can go on and on, just doing something that feels good is making you happier. When you're happier, you're leaving a positive thought footprint and you're more likely to be more positive about life in general.

Do your best to put out a positive thought footprint so you'll attract what you want.