High Vibration vs. Low Vibration - Is There A Choice?

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Are You High Vibration or Low Vibration?

Blog by Life Coach David

High Vibration, Low Vibration - That is the Question when it comes to Law of Attraction

What's all this talk about high vibration or low vibration, and why does it matter?

When it comes to knowing about the Law of Attraction, there's no way you're not going to hear words like "vibration" or "vibrations." This is because we're always putting out a vibration and that's what the Law of Attraction is picking up on and matching. But what does that mean?

The Basics

Here's a basic explanation that will help you understand. If you're thinking about something that's making you feel good, in that moment you're feeling at a high vibration. If you're thinking about something and it's making you feel upset, frustrated, fearful, etc., that would mean you're at a low vibration.

To get more specific, let's talk about a fictional lady named Sue. Sue wants to be in a wonderful relationship. However, it has been a while since she's dated anyone, and the dates she had in the past were not to her liking. Every day Sue walks around thinking how hard it is to meet someone who's husband material. She thinks about her past relationship that went down the tubes because he cheated on her. Her days are spent with low vibration (negative) thoughts about relationships. Therefore, the Law of Attraction is continuing to have her experience that.

Like thoughts attract like thoughts as well. So the more she thinks about relationships in this way, the more thoughts will come to mind that support how hard it is to meet someone! It becomes a viscous cycle.

Life Coach David

However, Sue hears about Life Coach David and decides it's time for her to find out how to attract someone wonderful once and for all! She signs up for coaching and learns that the way she's been thinking about dating and men is what's been blocking her from attracting someone wonderful. Life Coach David teaches her various processes, techniques and ideas that refocus her on higher vibration thoughts.

These better feeling thoughts about what type of guy she'd like to attract, and how wonderful it will be when she's happily married make her feel much better about dating! Now she's walking around at a high vibration about it all and out of the blue, just like in a Hallmark movie, she's at Starbucks holding a coffee when a gorgeous guy bumps into her and knocks the coffee cup out of her hand! They look into each others eyes as he apologizes, and the rest is history!!! LOL

Though it may not happen like that, as long as Sue keeps a high vibration about dating and attracting her dream guy, he will manifest, though she won't know how. It's not helpful to try to figure out how something will manifest because we'll never know. We're better off staying focused on what we want while keeping a positive expectation about it.

The other important thing to know about vibrations is that we have more control over them than we think. We always have to do our best to keep ourselves at a high vibration because that keeps us in the receiving mode. How do you know if you're in the receiving mode? If you're feeling happy and excited about life, then you're in the receiving mode. If you're filled with fear, worry, and doubt, then you're blocking what you want.