How To Attract Money With The Law of Attraction!

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You Can Attract Money With The Law of Attraction...

You Can Attract Money With The Law of Attraction...

Can we really attract money with the Law of Attraction? Yes!

Since like attracts like, we just have to be a vibrational match to money to attract it. Sounds easy, right? Well it can be, but for most people it's more of a challenge.

This is because so many of us grew up in a household where money had all kinds of negativity attached to it. How many times did we hear negative phrases such as: "That's too expensive!" "What do you think, money grows on trees?" "There's no way we can afford that!" "Can't you find something less expensive?" "Your father would kill me if he knew how much this costs!" The phrases are endless, but you get the idea.

All our lives most of us were taught (by example) that money is a negative thing. It's hard to believe, because it's really a wonderful, positive thing. But hearing so much negativity about it is engrained in our minds. Most of us have old tapes about money that just aren't true! There's also the popular "Money is the root of all evil!" OMG - how much more can we take!!! LOL

With all these negative thoughts rattling around in our heads about money, that's why it takes time and practice to become a vibrational match to attracting more money.

How do we attract more money ?

There are many processes and techniques I teach my clients about attracting more money. But first you have to change the way you think about money. Start by telling yourself new, positive thoughts about money. For example, you can start thinking thoughts like "Money is a good thing, it's ok for me to have a lot of money" or "It's ok for me to have a lot of money, I welcome money into my life." By telling yourself a better story about money, you'll gently raise your vibration about it.

By continually telling yourself, "It's ok for me to attract lots of money. It feels good to think of money just coming my way." Then, after you've done that for at least a few weeks, then you can use a process like the "Wouldn't it be nice if.." process. That process goes like this: "Wouldn't it be nice if I attracted lots of money, that would make me feel so excited!" That's one example of how to use it.

Another phrase could be "Wouldn't it be nice if I was financially free, that would make me feel so good!" Come up with more phrases and when you think about money, think about it in this way. By doing that you'll put yourself in the receiving mode, and more money will come. Money can come in many different ways, so it's not important to try to figure out how it's going to come. Just keep a positive expectation about it!

Once you realize that money is a good thing and that it's ok to have lots of it, you'll start attracting more of it! When you're a vibrational match to something, it has to manifest!

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