Attracting a Job with the Law of Attraction . . .

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Want a New Job / Better Job - Use the Law of Attraction. . .

Want a New Job / Better Job - Use the Law of Attraction. . .

Can You Attract A Job With The Law of Attraction?

So many people are looking for a new job, a better job, a first job. Whatever category you fit into, finding a job doesn't have to be such a chore. At least from a Law of Attraction point-of-view.

You've joined LinkedIn, have a headhunter, have the perfect resume and are sending it out like crazy, and are networking like a champ. So what's missing, why isn't anything happening?

What's missing is how are you vibrationally with finding a job? You probably have lots of fear, worry, and doubt about it. What blocks what we want coming into existence? Fear, worry, and doubt! So no wonder why you haven't attracted the perfect, new, wonderful, high paying job you're looking for. You're sabotaging yourself with your thoughts which effect your vibration, which effects what you're allowing yourself to attract.

What Thoughts Do You Have?

You may have thoughts rolling around in you head like "Why is no one responding to my resume?" "It's so hard to find a new job!" "My friend got a great job, why can't I find one too?" "Am I too old to get a new job?" "Maybe I'm not good enough?" "Should I just take anything?" Whatever the thoughts are that are lowering your vibration, are just keeping you there. It's also easy to get caught up in the "what is" about it. You're experiencing not having, or attracting a great job, so you're caught up in that "reality."

The good news is that it's possible to shift your thoughts, which will shift your vibration, which will set you up to finally attract a great job. So how do you do that? First of all, make a list of all the attributes you want in a new job. Your list may look something like this:

* All my interviews go really well

* I easily attract a wonderful, fulfilling job

* Salary must be at least $________.

* Have great co-workers

* My boss is nice and wants me to succeed

* Main office is close to home and easy to get to

* Has great benefits

You get the idea. So make your list that pertains to your career and what you want in a job, including how great the interview process will go.

Law of Attraction Process To Help You

Once you have your list use the "Wouldn't it be nice if..." process and say out loud: "Wouldn't it be nice if I attracted a great job that has great benefits!" "Wouldn't it be nice if I attracted a great job that was close to home." "Wouldn't it be nice if I attracted a great job that has great and friendly co-workers." The first part of the sentence would always be "Wouldn't it be nice if I attracted a great job that _________."

Get lost in those thoughts about it and feel how good it feels to think about attracting your new job in this new way. And, any time you have any doubts, instead of focusing on the doubts, start thinking about your "Wouldn't it be nice if..." statements. By doing this you'll raise your vibration about it in the moment, and if you keep a positive expectation, you'll set yourself up to attract that great job. Remember, like energy attracts like energy.

Here's to you finding a great new job that you easily attract!

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