Meditation and Law of Attraction

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Meditation and the Law of Attraction Go Hand-in-Hand...

Meditation and the Law of Attraction Go Hand-in-Hand...

Why does meditation go with the Law of Attraction?

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, as you may or may not know, it's all about vibration.

We're all putting out either a high vibration or low vibration. How can you tell which one you're putting out? By the way you feel. If you're feeling really happy and positive, then you're at a high vibration. If you're feeling down, depressed, or blah, then you're what's called at a low vibration. Obviously we always want to do our best to be at the highest vibration we can be at. If you think you're at a low vibration, even getting yourself feeling a little better is great.

Any movement to a higher vibration has positive results. One reason we may be at a low vibration is because we have taken on alot of resistance. Resistance is all the fear, worry, doubt we have about things. One way to lessen our resistance is to meditate. When we're in a meditative state, we naturally lower our resistance and therefore are in a better place vibrationally.

Meditation and Resistance

How can you tell if you're offering less resistance after meditating, or in general? You can tell by how you feel. If you feel more positive about things, and more hopeful, you've lowered your resistance.

Of course meditation has many other benefits as well. Some are: reduces stress, control anxiety, promotes emotional health, enhances self-awareness, can generate kindness.

You can also read more about it by clicking here . Once you find out ALL the benefits of meditation, you'll want to give it a try or get back into it if you used to do it. Sometimes we go through phases where we meditate every day, and then we stop for whatever reason. But it's important to remember all the benefits of it.

What Type of Meditation ?

So what type of meditation should you do? There are many different types of meditations out there. I like Vipassana mediation which is a Buddhist meditation which means "mindfulness meditation." You simply sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and observe the sensation of the breath going in and out your nose. Once you find that sensation, then you can follow the breath going in through your nose and down into your lungs, and then back out. During this type of meditation many thoughts may roll through your mind. If this happens just acknowledge the thought(s) and just return to the sensation of the breath. With time and practice you'll find out how powerful this simple type of meditation is.

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