Choices About Your Thoughts

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Is It Really A Choice What We Think About?

The Law of Attraction and Choices

The Law of Attraction and Choices

There's so many thoughts that are floating through our minds all throughout the day. Some of them are helpful and more positive and some are more negative.

Thought Examples

The negative thoughts are what most people tend to think about and focus on. After all, if you're someone who's single and looking for a relationship, you're most likely thinking about how hard it is to find someone. Most singles are looking on-line for someone special. They scroll through all the profiles looking for things they don't like about someone. Maybe they're not good looking enough and they don't like what they wore or how their hair looks. Maybe what they wrote on their profile isn't as good as they'd like for some reason. Maybe they don't like someone who's wearing a shirt or dress they don't like. Maybe their career isn't as impressive as they'd like.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons people come up with about why they don't want to respond to someone's profile. But how often is someone searching for love on-line looking at all the profiles and deliberately finding positive things they like about someone? After all, people are way more than just their picture or what they say in their profile. It isn't until you meet someone that you really know if you'd click with them or not.

The better choice in the above example would be for someone to scroll through the dating site listing and thinking thoughts like "I really like what they wrote in their profile" or "They look great in that picture" or "Let me give this one a chance and see if they'd like to meet for coffee." It's always a choice how we think about something, and thinking in a more positive way will help you more than you know.

First of all from a Law of Attraction point-of-view, the more you focus on what you want, the more likely you're going to attract it. Sticking with the above example of someone looking a real relationship, that person should be thinking all day about the positive aspects they're looking for in someone. That will serve them way more than thinking about how hard it is to find someone. That's because like attracts like. So the more they focus on what they want, the more they're setting themselves up to attract what they want.

Thoughts About Money

Throughout the day most people also think about money. What are your thoughts about money and your financial position. Most people are walking around thinking about how much money they don't have. They're constantly comparing themselves to someone else who they think has more money. Maybe some of those thoughts are "Why does that person make more than me?" "How come he can afford to buy that new car and I can't?" "Will my bills ever get paid off?" "Why is it so hard to make more money?" The thoughts are endless, but you get the idea.

That person would be so much better off thinking thoughts like "I easily attract money!" "Money flows to me easily and effortlessly" "I love how it feels knowing that I have so much money - yay!" It doesn't matter if they don't have alot of money. Just thinking those positive thoughts about it will keep them in a high vibration about it and the Law of Attraction will match that. If they keep that positive expectation about it, they'll surely attract more money. They have to - the Law of Attraction is solid and always responding to us.

So as you can see the above is a small example of how it's always a choice what we think about, and how we think about it.

Take the time to become more aware of what you're choosing to think about. If it's not something that's in a positive way, deliberately refocus your thoughts into a more positive way so you'll have the Law of Attraction on your side.

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