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Create your own headlines…

I was noticing on the internet that all the short news clips that we have options of clicking on are ALL about something bad.  I don’t even want to think what this constant bombardment of bad news headlines does to everyones vibration.  It made me realize that we have to have our own GOOD NEWS headlines that float through our minds so that we can focus on positive things that will keep our vibrations high on the scale, which in turn will attract good news to us.  One way to do this is to think of what you’re thankful for.  When I say this I not only mean what your’e thankful for today, but also in general.  Keep these good news headlines flashing through your mind and please don’t get caught up in all the bad news headlines that we all see all day long on our computers.  So, in conclusion, create your own good news headlines and enjoy!

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