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Dating expert is no expert…

I was watching TV today and happened to land on a channel where there was a dating expert being interviewed.

It was interesting because I was waiting to hear the secret on how to find someone from this person’s point of view.

However, I was shocked that all the interview did for anyone watching was to let them know how hard and time consuming it is to meet someone special.

The entire interview was filled with negative comments about dating, where to meet someone, etc. Both the expert and the interviewer were pre-paving a very unappealing journey on how to find love.

Just think of all the single people who saw that interview today who probably bought into all the negative thoughts and vibrations about finding someone without realizing that that’s what they will attract by doing that.

It made me wish I was part of that interview because I would have burst their negative bubble by insisting that if someone looking for a special person used Law of Attraction in the right way, they would easily find someone. It would be an enjoyable experience for them, and they could find that person in an endless variety of ways.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone was interviewed who said thoughts like “it can be easy to meet your special someone, just continuously focus on how you want that person to be and what it would feel like if they were in your life right now,” and people watching actually did that!

To anyone single who’s reading this who wants to meet their special someone, I really hope you’re pre-paving meeting that person in a positive way so that they will manifest for you sooner than later.

Choose to have a great day!

Life Coach David

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