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Do you want to be really wealthy?

When it comes to being wealthy, most people immediately think about financial wealth, which is what you probably thought I was talkinga bout.  However, if you dig a little deeper, do you really think that financial wealth is what keeps you happy?  I think true wealth is when you’re genuinely in a state of joy.  I think the happiest people are tbe wealthiest and those who are truly joyous on a day-to-day basies and who consciously keep their thoughts in check to stay that way.  Of course it’s wonderful to be financially wealthy as well and I’d choose to have both a joyous and a financially wealthy life!  But I know for sure that without living in joy as much as possible, no amount of money and no “thing” can really fulfill my life as much as joy can.  Every day my intent is to have a joyous day and I take responsibility for that because I know I can choose that.  Are you aware of keeping your day as joyous a possible?  Here’s a fun way to invite more joy into yourl ife.  Think and focus on all the things in your life that have brought you joy – this will invite more joy into your life.

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