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Feelding down?

Are you feeling down today?  Did you know that you can choose to shift your mood from feeling down to feeling good?  In other words it’s your choice if you want to stay feeling down.  Also remember that when you’re feeling down – what vibration are you putting out?  That’s right, low vibrations, which means the law of attraction which is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will match that and give you more things to feel down about!  Is this what you want?  Hopefully you don’t want that and want to CHOOSE to feel better.  Regardless of why you’re feeling down you can always reach for a thought that feels better which raises your vibration, and like my clients do, you can do a process or two which will take you out of that down mood into a much better mood.  This has created a positive shift in my clients daily lives because they consciously choose to feel good.  You see when you are focused on feeling good, you can’t be focused on feeling bad.  This is important when it comes to the law of attraction because when you are consciously thinking good thoughts it will match that and bring more things to you that will create more good thoughts!  If you’d like to experience how to use a process to keep you vibrations up and in return experiencing a better quality of life, let me know and I’ll take you through one over the phone.  But in any event, please be aware of your mood and if you have to shift your thoughts so that you will be in a better mood as much as possible.

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