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Focusing On What You Want…

Many people who contact me about Law of Attraction coaching can’t understand why they’re not attracting what they want. One question I like to ask is “How often each day do you spend focusing on what you want, and why you want it?”  After a brief silence, they admit that it’s not very often.  That’s part of the problem.

Ask yourself what you want more often

How can we expect to attract what we want if we’re not deliberately focusing on what we want every day?

The trick is, of course, to be very clear on what it is you want.  Ask yourself this question daily until the vision of what you want is crystal clear.

How often should I focus on what I want?

The next question is typically how often should I focus on what I want each day?

I then ask “How much do you want to attract “X” into your life?”  “X” could be more money, a wonderful relationship, a better job, etc.  They usually respond by saying they want to attract it 100% as soon as possible.

So the answer to how often is – VERY often!

You have to understand that you must focus on what we want, and why you want it as much as possible because the more you do that in the “right” way, the more it’s going to manifest.

Unfortunately, most people probably focus more on the lack of not having whatever it is they want – which just keeps it from manifesting.

Though I teach my clients many processes to help them focus on what they want so they can attract whatever they want, thinking about what you want in the “right” way, every day, is key.  The more the better.

So if you’re reading this I’m asking you – “How often do you focus on what you want?”  If it’s not every day, then do your best to start focusing on what you want more often.

Consider my 21-day Self-Guided Program or personalized life coaching to help you with this.

I offer new clients a free mini phone coaching session, just contact me now to schedule it.

You can attract what you want!

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