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Happy on purpose? It is possible.

As an experienced Law of Attraction life coach sometimes people come to coaching because they’re not happy.  They call me and ask if coaching can help them be happier.  I can’t wait to tell them that it can!  Not only will they learn processes and techniques which will help them now, but also in the future.  This is great because they’ll have the tools to stay happy long term.

You may be wondering what the Law of Attraction has to do with any of this.  The answer is that it has everything to do with it.

What does the Law of Attraction have to do with it?

We know that Law of Attraction means like energy attracts like energy, and that goes for our thoughts too.  Like thoughts attract like thoughts.  For example, if someone is feeling down and pondering why, they’re going to attract more “why” questions.  These questions will just keep them feeling down because they’re all about why they’re feeling down.

However, through coaching, they’ll learn how to deliberately ask themselves more positive questions that will help them feel better.  This will help them to stay happy on purpose.  For example, if someone is feeling unhappy I may ask them to tell me about activities they enjoy doing, and why they enjoy them.  Someone may say they enjoy going for walks along the shore.  It makes them feel good because they love the sound of the waves breaking and the feel of the sand on their feet.  They may also tell me that they really enjoy going camping.  They enjoy it because they love being out in nature, it makes them feel so free.

How to stay happy on purpose.

The more things they come up with that they enjoy will in that moment make them feel better than they were feeling!  They took deliberate action to help themselves feel a little better.  With time, practice, and more tools to help them, before they know it they’ll be feeling really good and happy (on purpose).

This is just a small example of how it is possible to be happy on purpose.  From a Law of Attraction point of view, we can deliberately take control of how we feel based on what we’re thinking about.  Even if we just feel a little happier at first, it’s the start to becoming happy in general, step by step.

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