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How do you think about money?

A fellow coach emailed me about what I would recommend she do with a client who has access to money, but she feels she doesn’t deserve it, plus she spend it on things she doesn’t need.  I immediately thought of several way she can help her client.  First of all the client must tell herself a new story about how she relates to money.  The new story would be about how thankful she is that she has access to money and that she deserves it, and not only that, she only spends it on items she really needs and that makes her feel great.  Then I also recommended she do a 68 second process with her where the client talks for at least 68 seconds as if she has already received money and feels so good because she deserves it and only spends it on necessary items.  This will also help raise her vibration about her relationship with money.  She could also do a clarity through contrast process and desire statement where she will even get clearer on how she can tell herself a new story about her relationship with money.  So now I am asking whoever is reading this – what is your relationship with money?  Do you welcome it and think good thoughts about it – or are you really keeping it away from you by how you think about it or by an old story you’re telling yourself?

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