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Law of Attraction and Allowing

I really like this video that was posted by Esther Hicks (Abraham).  Some of it is about Law of Attraction and allowing.  It’s so important to remember to do this.  If you’ve watched or read The Secret, you must be somewhat familiar with the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction and Allowing and What Do You Want To Ask For?

For those of you who don’t know about Esther, she channels wonderful information that’s very helpful to anyone who’s into the Law of Attraction.  When you ask, it is always given.  That is what she always talks about.  You have to ask for what you want, and then just allow it to manifest for you.


What do you think about this video, and how are you doing it?

What is it that you are asking for that you’d like to allow to come in?

We all want to attract different things and situations into our lives.  I know that for the longest time I wanted to find my soulmate.  At first I wasn’t attracting who I wanted.  So I got very clear on who I wanted to attract and why.  I then started to attract more people who could be potential soulmates.  I knew this because we had more in common and enjoyed each other company.  Compared to before I was doing this, this was a big improvement.  Finally about 15 years ago, it happened and we’re still together!

I’m always asking for things and doing my best to stay in the receiving mode so I can attract what I want.

You can attract what you want and live the life you’ve always wanted, but you have to know how.

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