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Law of Attraction and Feeling Happy

So many people don’t feel happy for many different reasons.  Sometimes people know why, and sometimes they don’t.  Either way the Law of Attraction is responding to you and how you’re feeling.

Of course if something traumatic happens like a death in the family, or another upsetting event, that can trigger us spiraling down into unhappiness.

Sometimes we keep ourselves feeling unhappy by the story(ies) well tell ourselves about our lives.  For example, someone can keep telling themselves that no one loves them; no one cares about them; everything is going wrong, etc.  It really is true that when we tell ourselves a better story about something it does help in the moment.


The good news with all of this is that there is a way (several ways) to help ourselves out of feeling unhappy.  You may think “If I’m feeling unhappy that’s just how it is!”  This is just another false story we may tell ourselves.  It’s very important we remember that when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

One way to start to feeling happier is to reach for a thought that’s better than what we’ve been thinking.  Even just a little better puts us on the road towards happiness.

You may think that there is nothing better to think when you’re feeling down.  But I know for a fact there’s always something better to think about from a Law of Attraction point of view.  Some examples may be “I don’t feel happy now but I’m so glad my dog/cat is here to keep me company.”  “I don’t feel happy now but at least I have a comfortable bed to lay in.”  A little better thought by another little better thought is the way to do it.  Eventually, with time and practice, we can think our way into a much better feeling place.  Will it be easy?  Maybe/maybe not, but it doesn’t matter.  If we want to help ourselves into a happier place what’s the difference.  Just the fact that we try is enough to get us there.


So next time you’re feeling unhappy, or if you currently are, do your best to start reaching for thoughts that are better than what you’ve been thinking.  Then when you’re ready, think of some better thoughts than those.  Eventually you’ll feel your way into a much happier place.  Remember that with Law of Attraction like thoughts attract like thoughts, so it will get easier.

Feeling happy will help you attract more thoughts and experiences that keep you feeling happy, it has to because it’s the law!

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