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Law of Attraction and I Love Lucy (again)

I once blogged about how Lucy in the hit show “I Love Lucy” used Law of Attraction when she wanted to go to Europe with Ricky and he said they couldn’t afford it.  That didn’t stop her from proclaiming that she could afford it – and it ended up where she was able to go. 

I was watching “I Love Lucy” and this time Ricky was using Law of Attraction to mend their realtionship.  It was an episode where Lucy invited a young couple over to see how happily married she and Ricky were so that the young man would propose.  By the end of the evening Ricky realized this is what Lucy was doing so he sat with the young man and exaggerated how it was to really be married.  Ricky got Lucy so upset that she was furious and they got into a big argument and eventually Ricky storms out.  Lucy doesn’t think he’s coming back and is very upset. 

In the end Ricky does come back with flowers and chocolates for Lucy.  He comes into the bedroom and Lucy is totally under the covers sleeping.  Here’s where Law of Attraction comes in!  Instead of focusing on their argument, Ricky sits at the edge of the bed and focuses on the positive aspects of their relationship and tells Lucy how much he loves her and all the good times they have had, etc. etc.  Of course it ends up where they embrace and everything is ok! 

The point is, when you are faced with getting into an argument with someone you love, what are you focusing on?  Are you focusing on the negative aspects (which will keep more negative aspects popping up), or are you focusing on the positive aspects of your relationship with that person (which will allow for more positive aspect to show up)? 

Take a tip from Ricky, and focus on the positive aspects of your relationship so that you’ll attract more positive aspects to occur.  Isn’t that better than staying mad at someone you love?

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