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Law of Attraction and Keeping Your Focus

In using the Law of Attraction, let it work in your favor by keeping your focus (thoughts) on what you want, instead of on what you don’t want.  It is law that like attracts like.  So, you will attract that which you are focusing on.  Your thoughts determine where you’re going.

It’s so easy to suddenly find yourself lost in thoughts about why something isn’t happening.  Or about why something is taking so long to happen.  We’re simply used to doing that.  We’re used to using our current reality as a measuring point of what’s going on.  After all, if I’m still not attracting more money, or my dream job, or my soul mate, I must be doing something wrong.  What I’m doing wrong is getting lost in thought about what I don’t want.

It’s kind of like a trap in that we’re supposed to focus on what we want, but when our reality isn’t that, it’s a lot to ask to ignore current reality.  Yet, we need to focus on what we do want.  Even though it may even seem strange at first, it’s imperative that we do just that.  That’s something you have to get used to.  The idea that even though you can’t see how what you want is on it’s way, you have to trust it is.

We attract what we think about, so we have to think about abundance, how our dream job would feel if we had it, and how wonderful true love will feel (or whatever it is you want to attract).  By doing that you’re setting yourself up for it to come into your reality.

The Good News: Instant Re-focus

Though you can get lost in thinking about what you don’t want, it takes just a few seconds to start re-focusing on what you do want.  Once you re-focus, it gets easier to keep focusing on what you want.  When you keep that focus, you can actually feel the improved feeling.  That improved feeling means you’re raising your vibration about what you want.  That’s the key.  Keeping a raised vibration about what you want means it’s on its way.  It’s always a choice what you’re focusing on and thinking about.  What are you going to choose?

So the next time you find yourself thinking about something that hasn’t happened for you, remember that it’s not serving you to think about it in that way.  Just flip your thoughts to what you do want, and why you want it and trust that it’s coming.  Practice doing this and it gets easier to refocus to what you do want.

Not only will you enjoy feeling better, what you want will be on its way.  That’s why it’s called the Law of Attraction!

If you’re considering Law of Attraction coaching, I always offer a free mini phone coaching session.  Just contact me now to schedule it.

You can attract what you want!

Life Coach USA – David

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