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Law of Attraction and the dishwasher…

When I was emptying my dishwasher this morning I realized that it made for a great metaphor in regards to the Law of Attraction.

First of all the dishwasher’s goal is to clean your dishes. It doesn’t stop half way through the cycle and ask itself “gee, I wonder if I should continue getting to my goal of cleaning the dishes, or should I just stop now because it’s taking longer than I thought to run this cycle.” It continues on with certainty until the dishes are clean. And I know that when I open the dishwasher to empty it, I expect 100% that everything inside will be clean, and it is.

Using the dishwasher as an example of Law of Attraction is great because when you ask for what you want, Law of Attraction is like the dishwasher in the sense that as long as you have no resistance to receiving whatever it is you’re wanting, it will deliver it to you, just like the dishwasher always gives you clean dishes. And, if you could have the same certainty that you have in knowing that when you turn the dishwasher on you will end up with clean dishes as you do in trusting that you WILL manifest whatever it is that you’re wanting without any doubt, then you will manifest it!

So try to be like the dishwasher because you KNOW that when you turn it on you will end up with clean dishes, just like when you turn on your emotions about getting excited about something you want, and stay in the excitement about it (a raised vibration), then it WILL manifest for you!

Choose to have a great day!

Life Coach David

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