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Law of Attraction – More Slot Machine Wins

I had once written a blog post about going to the casino.  I now have another great post about going to the casino and playing slot machines.  Of course, I went from a Law of Attraction point-of-view and boy did I win!  What does going from a Law of Attraction point-of-view mean?  It means that instead of thinking how hard it is to win playing the slot machines, I thought about how easy it can be.  Any push on the spin button could reap the rewards of a bonus.  At any moment the slot machine I’m playing on could hit a big jackpot!  Even if I get the bonus, I bet I’ll re-trigger in the bonus so I’ll get even more spins.  More spins in the bonus means I’ll most likely get an even bigger payout!  Not only does it feel better to think these positive thoughts, it means I’m setting myself up to experience them happening.  That’s the part about Law of Attraction that you have to “get.”  It’s not about “what is”, it’s about focusing on what you want so that that’s what you’ll attract.

What helped even more is that I decided on the way to the casino that I was just going to focus on how fun it will be to play the slots, and how I’m always lucky.  By doing this I was putting myself in the vibration of winning before I even got there.  This is another important point in general.  Regardless of what you’re trying to attract, do your best to put yourself in the vibration of it.  By doing that you’re telling the Law of Attraction that you are ready to receive it.

Law of Attraction Works Differently Than You Think

With the Law of Attraction, it kind of works the opposite of what most people are used to.  Usually when someone attracts what they want, then they’re excited about it.  However, we know that we have to be excited about what we want so that we can attract it without questioning when or how it will happen.  Once you question when or how it will manifest, then you’re bringing yourself down vibrationally.  It’s not your job to know when or how, it’s your job to just keep yourself in a high vibration about whatever it is you want.

Let’s get back to the casino.  When I first got there I played a new machine.  It was called something like “Phoenix Princess.”  I could win by either getting the bonus, or it also had a random bonus where a phoenix would rise up across the screen and make certain columns wild.

I sat at the machine with my high vibration and only 3 spins in I got the bonus!  It felt so exciting to get the bonus and I couldn’t wait to find out how good it would do.  As it turned out, during the bonus I kept winning, but on one spin the entire screen filled with the princess.  That means that that was the absolute best possibility I could hope for and it happened!  One spin after another the total of the win kept adding up.  That bonus ended up paying me $400!  What a great way to start playing the slot machines.  My high vibration attracted me to go sit at that slot machine and look what happened.

As the night went on the more typical thing happened where I won, I lost, I won, etc., but I still kept myself at a high vibration.  Even when I didn’t win on a machine I just looked at it like I’m one slot machine closer to hitting again.

Another slot machine win!

After having fun playing for a while, at the end of the night when everyone was ready to leave, I had time to play one more slot machine.  There was a fun machine I played before called something like “Wild Unicorns.”  I walked around the casino floor and I found it.  So I sat at the machine and took a proactive attitude like I did before and thought “I want to get the bonus, I want to get the bonus.”  A few spins later I got the bonus and it felt exciting to win again.  Even thought at that point I didn’t know how much I’d win, I was still excited about it. That’s important to recognize – stay excited bout what you want.

Law of Attraction and Winning at the Casino

During the bonus I kept thinking “I want the entire screen to fill with unicorns!”  I kept thinking that because I figured that would pay out the most just like with the machine I played when I first got there.  Guess what, a few spins in during the bonus the entire screen filled with unicorns!  It was amazing.  It happened again!  The best possible symbol filled the entire screen.  I thought it, and it happened.  The top of the screen said in big letters “AMAZING WIN” and coins filled the screen.  In the end that bonus paid out $420!

What a fun and successful time I had at the casino.  I went in at a high vibration in excited anticipation about what would happen, and it happened.  That’s the idea regardless of if you’re going to a casino, or want to attract a relationship, more money, etc.  You have to get yourself into a high vibration, excited state about it, and you’ll attract it to yourself.  It may sound easy but it can be tricky to stay at a high vibration about something when it hasn’t manifested yet.  But with time and practice it can happen.

How Coaching Can Help

That’s something that Law of Attraction coaching helps with in a big way.  You learn processes and techniques which keeps you at a high vibration about something you want to attract.  It works because the Law of Attraction responds to your vibration and matches it, and gives you more of it.  However, it doesn’t distinguish between what you want and what you don’t want.  So if you’re in a low vibration about something, you’re going to continue to attract low vibration experiences about it.

Thank you Law of Attraction for all my casino wins!

If you’re considering Law of Attraction coaching, I always offer a first free mini phone coaching session.  Just contact me to schedule it now!

You can attract what you want!

Life Coach David

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