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Law of Attraction and Thoughts

It’s so interesting to me that regardless of how well someone knows about the Law of Attraction and thoughts, it can be easy to lose focus.  Before you know it, your thoughts are about something unwanted, and you’re getting all caught up in that.  As I said in another blog post “like energy attracts like energy.”  That means that what you focus on is what you’re going to attract.  It also means that like thoughts attract like thoughts.  So you have to really careful that you’re thinking about something you want.  If not, you’ll attract more thoughts about what you don’t want.

Many times clients ask me “Why is it so easy to lose focus about thinking about what I want?  I was doing so well, and then out of the blue I realized I was thinking about what I don’t want.”  My friend Paulette has that issue.  She frequently tells me she was doing great with her thoughts.  Then seemingly out of nowhere she realizes she’s focusing on how much money she doesn’t have.

This is because we are creatures of habit and have all spent years and years practicing thinking about “what is” (the problem) rather than focusing our thoughts on what we want to manifest.

I once had a client who was trying to sell his business.  He placed ads and tried to spread the word but he wasn’t getting any response.  He told me he couldn’t help but focus on why was it taking so long to sell, and other self-doubting questions about it.  It took him some time to learn how to refocus on how he would feel once the business sold.  It also helped him to think about all the fun he’d have with the extra money he could use once the business sold.  Eventually he deliberately enjoyed focusing on more positive thoughts and he started getting interest in the business.  It wasn’t long after that it it sold.  It wasn’t a coincidence that the business sold once he changed the way he thought about it selling.

The habit of losing focus

The solution to losing focus is to start to become very aware of what you’re thinking about, and how you’re thinking about it.  Once you do that, then you can catch yourself when you start focusing on the problem, rather than the solution.  Or when you stop focusing on what you don’t want and refocus to what you do want.

For example, say someone wants to be in a wonderful, loving relationship.  However, based on past experience and length of time it’s taking them to find someone new, they’re caught up in thinking about how hard it is to find someone.  They’re probably thinking “all the good ones are taken” or “it’s so hard to meet someone.”  By thinking those thoughts, Law of Attraction is saying “Ok, here’s more experiences of you not meeting someone special.”  Do your best to remember that Law of Attraction is always saying “Yes” to what you’re thinking about.

Let’s assume this person finds out about the Law of Attraction and realizes that they’ll keep attracting what they focus on.  So they deliberately start to think about the good qualities that they want in someone.  They start to imagine themselves with someone who’s very attractive, has a great personalty, and loves to travel.  The get lost in thinking about being with someone who makes them fee loved and special.  Even the idea that they could meet that special someone at any time is possible.  So for a few days this person feels much better about the possibility of meeting someone special.  Then as they days go by and no one is showing up, the old thoughts of doubt start coming in.  They may think “Why is it taking so long to find someone special?” or “I tried to focus on what I want but it’s not working.”

These thoughts just bring this person back down vibrationally about relationships.  Now they’re back focusing on all the negative thoughts they have about relationships.  It’s easy for this to happen regardless of if it’s about relationships, more money, a better job, etc.  However, refocusing on what they want is just a thought away.

Re-focusing is possible

Here’s the encouraging news!  Once you know about the Law of Attraction, even if you find yourself lost in thoughts of what you don’t want, it just takes a second to start re-focusing.  Make your thoughts so they’re about what you do want.  It just takes time and practice to get good at doing this.  As I said earlier, like thoughts attract like thoughts.  So the more you focus on what you want, the more thoughts will come to mind that will support what you want.  It’s very interesting to notice that.  Once you do realize that like thoughts attract like thoughts, you’ll want to refocus on what you want because it feels good.  It feels so much better to focus on what you want than on what you don’t want.

One positive thought at a time will help to bring the above person back to thinking about who they’re looking for.  It just takes practice to become more aware of your thoughts.  With time and awareness anyone can get used to thinking more about what they want, then what they don’t want.

Not only does it feel better to focus on what you want, but by doing that, you’re setting yourself up to attract it.  The Law of Attraction is a law of the universe.  It does not falter, it “works” all the time.  But the question is are you going to have it work for you, or against you?

I hope you choose to have it work for you because when you do you start attracting what you want.  Before you know it whatever it is you were wanting shows up – it has to – it’s the law!

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