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Law of Attraction and What You Focus On

Every day there are so many things you have to focus on, and to do.  You make decisions about what clothes you’re going to wear.  You think about what foods to eat throughout the day.  You make decisions about work related issues.  However, how often are you focusing on and thinking about what you really want?

The basics of Law of Attraction tell us that you get (attract) what you’re focusing on.  So, isn’t it just as important to deliberately spend time thinking about what you want to attract?  The answer is an undeniable “YES!”

Of course you have to spend time thinking about and focusing on what you want.  You have to spend time reaching for thoughts that keep you feeling good as well.  The perfect scenario would be that you’re spending more time thinking about what you want than on “what is” – so that what you want will become your new “what is.”

At first it can feel a little awkward to try to think more about what you want, than what it.  That’s ok.  With time and practice you’ll get used to deliberately thinking about what you want.

Many of my clients have a hard time with this at first.  That’s because they’ve spend years focusing on what it, instead of what they want.  As with any habit, time and practice will eventually win and before you know it, you will be focusing on what you want.  Not only does it feel better, but you’ll be setting yourself up to attract what you want, instead of what you don’t want.

What we want or what is?  It’s a choice.

It’s easy to spend your time focusing on “what is” because that’s what you’re experiencing; it’s what you can see.  Even though that’s what you’re currently experiencing, if you want to experience an improved situation (whatever that me be), you have to focus on what that improved situation would be.  This is the only way to attract an improved situation.

For example, if you want to attract more money is it going to help you to keep focusing on how much money you don’t have?  Of course it won’t.   You have to deliberately get lost in thoughts about what you would do with a lot of money, and how good it would feel.  The better feeling you have about what you want to attract, the more likely it’s going to manifest for you.

This is why you have to spend more time thinking about, and focusing on, what you most want. It’s also a reminder of why you should not let your current situation deter you from doing that.

I offer some great coaching tools and techniques to help with this, though at the end of the day you are the only one who can witness and tweak your thinking.  But the processes and techniques I teach my clients are vital to helping them focus on what they want and allowing it in.

If you’re considering Law of Attraction coaching, I always offer a first free mini phone coaching session.  Just contact me to schedule it now!

You can attract what you want!

Life Coach David

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