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How Law of Attraction Coaching Can Help You

Many people have heard about life coaches, and many have not.  Those that have experienced coaching know that with the right coach, their lives improve in a huge way.  Sometimes in ways they never even imagined.  Especially with a really good certified Law of Attraction life coach, improvements are guaranteed.  This is true because we’re working with specific things that people want to attract (both emotionally and materialistically).  The best part is that it’s not that hard to start, you just have to know what to do.

Through coaching, clients also find out how to become and stay really happy.  For some people feeling really happy doesn’t seem possible.  However, after a few coaching sessions they begin to understand that it is possible.  Coaching will also help on how to get through any situation in the best way possible.  Even finding a solution to something that makes someone feel stuck can be accomplished.

With Law of Attraction coaching clients discover thinking patterns that they never realized are blocking what they want to manifest.  They’ll even discover ways in which they can improve their lives that they never knew about.   Most importantly, they’ll fully understand how the Law of Attraction responds to them.  Once they know that, they know what to do to keep it working in their favor.  A great coach will make you feel like you’re talking to a good friend so you’ll feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and desires with them.  The more a client shares, the more a coach can help.

What Else Can Law of Attraction Coaching Help With?

Law of Attraction coaching can also help you with decision making and feeling motivated to become the best version of yourself.  Sometimes when trying to make a decision, it can seem unclear in what the best solution is.  However, once you’re coached in some basic Law of Attraction principles, decision making becomes easy.  To go one step further, not just any decision but the best decision for you becomes clear.

Sometimes you need to become motivated to be successful at certain things that will help you.  For some it’s being motivated to eat right and exercise.  For others it’s being motivated to take steps to set yourself up for success in some area of your life.  You’ll know exactly how to do this with a great Law of Attraction coach.

How Many Coaching Sessions?

A question I get asked a lot is “How many coaching sessions will I need?”  The answer to that questions is that there is no answer.  This is because the more sessions someone has, the more they’ll get from coaching.  I have clients who have a coaching session every week because it keeps them on track, focused on what they want, and they just enjoy the sessions.  Other clients are only able to have a certain amount of sessions based on finances or lack of time.  Of course the other benefit of many sessions is that the client gets more comfortable sharing their life story.  As a result they get clearer on how they can improve their lives, and learn more processes and techniques which they can use forever.

Other Important Points

Though there are many different kinds of certification programs out there, make sure that the coach you are thinking of hiring is certified from a reputable Law of Atrraction coaching academy.  I know there are a lot of 3 day, 1 week, and other short-term coaching certification programs, but how much can a potential coach really get from that?  My coaching certification program was a full year and was very intense which made me ready to work with the public.

One thing I’ve learned from my many years as a professional life coach is that even though someone may be certified, that really isn’t enough.  Someone has to have an “x” factor about them that makes them really able to coach someone successfully.  For example, I didn’t know I had that “x” factor.  Once I started coaching professionally I realized I did based on my clients positive results.  I also found out I’m very intuitive and what I call “get information” that helps my clients.  The bottom line is that someone can be taught the basics, but putting it all together and successfully coaching someone is a special gift.  So make sure to ask your potential coach if they are certified in Law of Attraction, and coach how long their certification program was.

What Can I Expect From Coaching?

You can expect to get in depth information about the Law of Attraction and how it responds to you.  Many people contact me and tell me that they’ve read books and watched videos about the Law of Attraction but don’t know how to use it in their lives.  This won’t be an issue anymore as all mysteries will be revealed in coaching.  You can also expect to learn processes and techniques that really work to keep you focused on what you want so you can attract it into your life.  When I say “what you want,” that can mean attracting a wonderful relationship, a material thing, feeling happy and staying that way, etc..  It also means finding out how to get through difficult situations in the best way possible.  There’s so much coaching can help you with.  The above just give you some idea.

Should I Have a Life Coach or a Therapist?

On another note, some people don’t know if they should seek a life coach or therapist.  I’ve had many clients tell me that a few life coaching sessions with me helped them more than a year of therapy.  I was surprised to hear that, but I understand why.  Some people who go to therapy really needed a life coach to help them with their particular situation.  Of course depending on what’s going on with someone, a therapist may be the right choice over a coach.  Sometimes people have both which can also be beneficial.  It all depends on the person and the situation.

I hope this article helped you decided whether a Law of Attraction life coach is right for you.  If you think it is, please contact me and schedule your first free mini phone coaching session!

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