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Law of Attraction – Does It Work?

The Law of Attraction to some people seems like smoke and mirrors.  Some people also think of it as a big hoax, or some fairytale magic.  It can be understandable how some people could think of it like that.  But only IF they don’t know what Law of Attraction really is about.

Misinformation and a lack of really finding out is the main reason someone would not “get it.”  Even if they’re not into it, a basic understanding should at least educate them.  Once that understanding is accomplished, a doubter would know why someone would be into it and be more accepting of it.

Understanding the Law of Attraction

I’ve talked to many people who didn’t understand how the Law of Attraction works.  Once I explained it to them and demonstrated it, then they realize it can be helpful.  At a minimum I can walk someone through a process that lets them feel the difference.  For example, I ask them to tell me something they’d like to attract.  Once they tell me that I ask them a series of questions.  After I get the answers, it’s clear they have a lot of doubt about it.  Doubt about something means that they will attract more doubt about it and it won’t manifest for them.

Many books from Esther Hicks and even The Secret also can give you an understanding of it.

Demonstrating the Law of Attraction

I ask them to tell me why they want what it is they want and how their life would be if they had it.  Within a few minutes they are telling me positive things about it and I can tell they feel more hopeful about it coming.  I ask them “How did it feel to talk about what you want in that way?”  They always tell me it felt good.  Then I let them know that that feel good feeling means they raised their vibration about it.  They can tell because they feel more hopeful about it happening.  Pretty much anyone can at least understand that once they better about it happening for them.

With the above example, that person can no longer disagree that it feels good to think about what you want in that way.  That feel good feeling is what Law of Attraction is responding to.  Of course it’s up to that person to decide if they want to choose to continue to think positively about something they want.  I always hope they do because I want everyone to attract what they want and feel really good!

In my next blog entry I will post real life examples of how I used the Law of Attraction to attract what I wanted.

But in the meantime, it’s important to know that the Law of Attraction does “work.”   It’s also always responding to us giving us what we’re putting our vibrationally.  This is based on how we think about something, which causes us to feel a certain way about it.

Law of Attraction does work when you know what to do.  Once you know that not only do you start to attract what you want, you feel better and happier than before.  It’s a win win situation!

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