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Law of Attraction in Action…

I have a great personal “win” as a wonderful example of the Law of Attraction.

Out of the blue I was offered 2 tickets to see a popular musical tonight because the people who purchased them couldn’t go so they thought of me. That alone is a great “win”, but there’s more wins to tell.

When I pulled up to the theater they had several parking lots and each one was loaded with cars. I pulled into the closest lot to the theater and saw a long line of cars in front of me all heading towards the very back of the lot.

Suddenly the attendant who was in charge of that lot came over to my car and said “why don’t you take this spot” and pointed to the very first spot in the lot. Apparently they were saving it for someone but for whatever reason they never showed. So there I was offered the prime spot that was practically saved for me! What a wonderful “win.”

Once inside I was taken to my seat which was in the center, and in the orchestra section. To make it even better, it looked like every seat was taken except the seat directly next to me! The empty seat next to me gave me more leg room and made it much more comfortable.

How many wins can I have in one night? Apparently many!

When you live with an awareness of the Law of Attraction and choose to use the processes and techniques I teach my clients, nights like these are bound to happen!

I hope whoever reads about my “wins” tonight, also had some great wins today as well.

Wishing you “wins” every day.


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