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Law of Attraction Made Easy

Can the Law of Attraction be Easy to Understand?

Law of Attraction made easy?  Yes!  As a certified Law of Attraction life coach I get a lot of calls from potential clients.  Whenever I talk to a potential client I always ask them “What is the Law of Attraction?”  Believe it or not I usually get an incomplete or wrong answer.  It’s hard to believe since there are so many videos and books written about it.  Sometimes people tell me “Whatever I think about is what I’m going to attract.”  This is true.  But then I ask them “Why is that?”  That’s the part that always stumps people.

However, there is a simple answer.  My favorite definition of the Law of Attraction is “Like Energy Attracts Like Energy“.  What does that mean, and is the Law of Attraction made easy to implement?  It can be if you fully understand it and know how to use it to your benefit.

Like Energy Attracts Like Energy

Like energy attracts like energy means that whatever it is you’re thinking about causes you to feel a certain way (good or bad).  That feeling is what the Law of Attraction is responding to.  Another word for “feeling” would be “vibration.”  Thinking about something that makes you feel good means you’re putting out a high vibration about it.  And, thinking about something that makes you feel bad, means you’re putting out a low vibration about it.  The Law of Attraction is always saying “Yes” to whatever you’re focusing on.  It doesn’t distinguish between what we want or don’t want, it’s just matching your thoughts/vibration.  You could also say it’s responding to what vibration you’re putting out about something.  A high or low vibration is determined by how you’re thinking about something.

For example, if someone is thinking thoughts about the lack of money in their life, that’s making them feel bad about money (low vibration).  Law of Attraction responds to that low feeling thought about money and that person will keep attracting more thoughts and experiences that demonstrate them not having enough money.  Part of what “like energy attracts like energy” means is that like thoughts attract like thoughts.  So if you’re thinking negatively about money, you’re going to attract more thoughts that will keep you thinking that.  Remembering that like thoughts attracts like thoughts helps to deliberately focus on what you want.  By doing that, you’ll attract more thoughts about what you want.

The good news is that person could be coached on processes and techniques about how to use the Law of Attraction.  Law of Attraction made easy?  Yes!  Once they knew that, they could think about money in a much more positive (high vibration) way.  For example, they could make a list of everything they would buy if they had a lot of money.  Things like a dream home, a fancy car, expensive jewelry, etc.  They could also list family members and various charities they would donate to.  The more things they could think of the better.  This is because the more ways they can think about spending money, the more it will put them in the vibration of having a lot of money.  The Law of Attraction doesn’t care if the vibration we’re putting out is real, it’s just responding to it.  Giving us more of it.

The result of the above would be that they would start attracting more money.  That is because they deliberately raised their vibration about money.  The Law of Attraction can’t help but start to line things up for them to attract more money.  It’s responding to their higher vibration about money, it has to – it’s the law.  As long as that person focuses on what they want without any doubt of it happening, it will happen.  It’s like with gravity.  You can drop a ball at any time of the day and it will always drop – always.

Is Law of Attraction Easy To Work With?

Now that you’ve read the above you have some idea of how to work with the Law of Attraction.  Now you know that you have to become very aware of what you’re thinking about and how you’re thinking bout it.  If you’re thinking about something from a lack perspective, you’ll continue to attract lack in that area.  If you choose to think about something you want in a high vibration way, you’re setting yourself up to attract it.

It’s also important to note that it just feels better to think about what you want.  When you spend time thinking about how great it would be to have something in your life, it feels good.  You’ll also notice that when you spend time thinking about something you want and it seems hard to get it, it feels bad.  That sounds simple, but it’s true.  So why bother spending any time thinking about something you want in a negative way?  I can’t think of any reason to do that.  The only reason would be that it’s your habit to do that.  Sometimes someones go to is to think more negatively.  But with time and practice anyone can get used to thinking about what they want instead of what they don’t want.

One fun exercise is that if you catch yourself thinking about something you don’t want, in that moment ask yourself “What do I want?”  Then start thinking the opposite of what you don’t want and you’ll notice it feels better to think that way.  Flipping your thoughts from what you don’t want to what you do want is another great way to get used to start attracting what you want.  It may even feel funny at first to do that.  But since you know why you’re doing it, you’ll know it’s better for you.

The Law of Attraction can be easy to work with, even as a self-guided process.  However, since it’s always responding to you, you have to remember that you have to stay focused on what you want so that you attract what you want.  Even if what you want seems out of reach, it doesn’t matter.

This can be tricky because it’s so easy to just stay focused on ‘what is’ because that’s what you’re experiencing.

Stay aware and focus on what you want and you’ll enjoy the positive results!  Law of Attraction made easy?  Yes!

In conclusion, the Law of Attraction can be easy to work with as long as you know what you’re doing.

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You can attract what you want, you just have to know how!

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