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Law of Attraction – “What Is” vs. “What You Want”

“What Is” vs. “What You Want” is a classic example of using the Law of Attraction.  After all, we know that like energy attracts like energy. That means that if we keep focusing on “what is’ then what’s going to happen?  We’ll keep attracting what is.

This is great if “what is” is what you want.  However, what happens when it’s not what you want?

It may sound confusing at first to deliberately focus on “what you want” instead of “what is”.  This is because it’s easy to see and know about “what is” because you’re experiencing it.  Your personal life is playing out right in front of you.  So if your career.

Relationship Example

For example, say you’re someone who wants to meet your special someone.  If your experience so far in dating has been negative, that’s probably what you’re going to focus on.  You may think that it’s so hard to meet someone special.  Or why do you keep meeting the same type of person where it never works out.  May you get close to someone and then they disappear and you don’t hear from them again? Whatever your experience, that’s what you’re going to refer to.  That is considered the “what is” for you about relationships.

Career Example

Maybe in your career you feel stuck because you’ve been at the same job for a while and it’s boring. Your head is most likely filled with thoughts like “Why do I keep staying at this dead end job?”  “Why don’t I get promoted?”  “When will I get a raise?”  “I dread coming into work and I can’t wait to leave for the day!”  These types of thoughts will flood your mind and that’s what you’ll continue to think about.  That is your “what is” regarding your job.

Feeling Unhappy Example

What if there’s someone who doesn’t feel happy.  They spend all day thinking about how unhappy they are.  We know that like thoughts attract like thoughts so many more thoughts will come in that support that.  They’ll probably think something like “How come they seem so happy and I’m not?” “Why does that person have a wonderful relationship and a great job and I don’t have either?”  “I guess I’m just going to be unhappy until something good happens for me, if it ever will.”  That’s what this person will keep thinking because that’s what their “what is” is.

As you can see from the above examples, it’s very easy to stay stuck in “what is” because that’s what they’re experiencing.  And as such, that’s what they’ll keep experiencing.

Enter the good news! All of the above examples can be turned around by knowing about how the Law of Attraction works.  I’ve coached many people over the years on how to get out of their “what is” so that what they want can happen for them.  It’s so exciting when a client starts to experience positive results simply by changing the way they think about something.

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not.  It can happen.

How Can You Think About It So It Happens?

Try to think about it like this.  Because of the Law of Attraction you know that what you focus on and think about is what you’re setting yourself up to attract.  The basics of Law of Attraction is that what you’re thinking about causes you to feel good or bad about it.  That feeling is what it is responding to, giving you more of the same. Knowing that, it makes sense that you should focus on what you want MORE THAN on what is.  This is because focusing on what you want (even though you can’t see it yet) means that you’re setting yourself up to attract it.

That’s what some people find hard.  The fact that you’re supposed to focus on what you want and get excited about even though it’s not here yet.  You have to have a high level of trust and belief knowing that what you want is on its way even though you can’t see it.  It’s kind of like when you get into your car to go to the market.  You have a certain expectation that you’re going to get to the market to buy groceries.  Half way to the market you don’t think ‘I’m not there yet, I better turn around and go back home.”

You know you’re going to get to the market.  You have to have that same certainty about something you want to attract into your life.  You have to fully trust that it’s coming.  You have to be excited about it coming.  Just like you don’t turn around half way to the market, you don’t stop trusting what you want is going to manifest.

Is It Easy?

Is this easy to do? Usually not, especially in the beginning of trying to do it.  But with time and practice it gets easier.  You have to remember that the Law of Attraction is always orchestrating everything to happen in your favor – unless you block it.  You can block it by starting to think that what you want hasn’t happened yet.  You can get into negative thoughts about it like “Why is it taking so long to happen?” “I tried to think positively about it, but it has been a few weeks and it’s still not here” or “What am I doing wrong, I trusted that it would manifest for me, but so far it hasn’t.” As soon as you doubt and go into those negative thoughts, you put the brakes on it from manifesting.

The next time you want to manifest something into your life, ask yourself if you’re thinking about it in a positive or negative way.  Ask yourself if you’re more focused on the way things are, or the way you want things to be.  It’s always up to you what you’re spending your time focusing on.  Choose to focus on what you want so that what you want will become your new what is.  Take control of your thoughts.  Take control of your mood.  Take control of what happens to/for you.  You have the power to do it, you just have to know how to do and trust that it’s all going to happen for you.

Do You Believe You Can Do It?

I believe in you and I believe that you can attract all that you want, you just have to know how.  I’ve done it myself many, many times, and so have my clients.  The proof is in the pudding as they say, and I’ve had lots of pudding – LOL!

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Choose to have a great day!

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