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Make this day your best ever!

Sometimes you just want to make this day your best ever.  As a matter of fact, why not every day?  There’s no limit on the amount of days that can be wonderful.  If you think there is it’s time you tell yourself a better story.  Tell yourself the story that wonderfulness is happening every day, all day long.  If you look for it, you can find it.

One way to help you make each day the best day ever is to use affirmations.  Affirmations are a great way to proclaim what you want.  As a life coach I work with my clients in helping them make a list of daily affirmations.  Most life coaches, hypnotherapists, on line coaches, lifestyle coaches all use affirmations.

Affirmations when repeated every day start to feel more real.  The more real they feel, the more they’re working.  By repeating them every day they also start to get into your subconscious mind.  Once that happens and you reinforce them each day, you will start noticing they start coming true.

Feeling happy, attracting a relationship, attracting more experiences that you want, can all happen by proclaiming it to the universe.

The universe is always yielding to you, but you have to allow it to do that.

Law of Attraction and Best Days

As a Law of Attraction coach I can tell you that what you think about is what you’re setting yourself up to attract.

As a life coach, especially using the Law of Attraction, affirmations are important as well.

We know that the Law of Attraction is always responding to us.  So what is it responding to?  The Law of Attraction is responding to the thoughts you are thinking.  It basically is saying “yes” to whatever that is.  So why not think about how wonderful your day is, or is going to be?  It’s always up to you to decide what thoughts you’re going to think.

It’s also a good idea to proclaim your affirmations in the morning.  When you first wake up you are more open to allowing what you want to manifest because that’s when you’re naturally at your least resistant state.  Resistance blocks manifestations.  Resistant thoughts are thoughts of fear, worry, doubt, when, how.  They just block what you want because they lower your vibration.

Thinking about what you want or what you don’t want?

So the next time you realize you’re thinking about what you don’t want, use your inner life coach and remind yourself to refocus on what you do want.  By focusing your thoughts on what you want (instead of what you don’t want) you’ll set yourself up to attract what you want.

The Law of Attraction can help you make this day your best ever if you think correctly.  Here are some inspiring affirmations to help you realize that.  It’s a good idea to print these out and keep them by the side of your bed.  By doing that you’ll have them waiting for you every morning to help your day go as good as it can.

One more hint when it comes to morning affirmations.  Even when you recite or think them if they don’t feel “real”, that’s ok.  The more you practice repeating them, the more real they’ll feel.

Affirmations to help make this day the best ever

Today is the day I feel more excited about life!

Today is the day I feel feel more excited about my future!

Today is the day I let go of old thought patterns that aren’t serving me!

Today is the day I proclaim “I am ready to live my best life in a real way!”

Today is the day I look forward to what’s coming!

Today is the day I know that all is well!

Today is the day I finally learn how to use the Law of Attraction so it works in my favor!

Today is the day I know that the highest good is always happening for me!

Today is the day I say with excitement “I’m thankful for what’s coming!”

Today is the day I accept that I have the power within myself to manifest whatever it is I want!

Yes, make this day your best ever

Today is the day I’m going to deliberately do something that’s going to improve my life!

Today is the day that I realize that taking the best care of myself is not only the best for me, but also for those in my life!

Today is the day I realize that I can become a deliberate creator so that I’ll attract the best situations, the best people, the best friends to myself!

Today is the day I’ll start thinking about what I want, over what I don’t want, so I’ll attract what I want!

Today is the day I’ll attract the relationship I’ve always wanted.

Today is the day where all resistance will leave my body and my thoughts so I can allow all that I want!

Today is the day I’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I can choose to feel fantastic!

Wow that feels amazing to say all that – I hope you feel that way too.

Make each day great with affirmations

Notice how all the above affirmations are kept one hundred percent positive!  I don’t care what type of life coach, lifestyle coach, online coach, etc., you work with, they have to be kept 10)% positive.  This is because the Law of Attraction brings to you that what you think about.  So if you’re thinking about things in a more negative way, you’ll attract that.  Of course I want you to attract what you want, so keep that in mind.

The universe is always waiting to take your command.  But what command will you give it?  Be mindful enough to start becoming very aware of what you’re thinking about, and how you’re thinking about it.  If you find you’re thinking about something in a more negative way, in that moment ask yourself “What do I want?”  Then deliberately flip your thoughts from what you don’t want to what you do want.  It sounds simple, but actually doing it take a great awareness.

I believe you can attract what you want and set yourself up to have a great day!

Enjoy using the above affirmations and of course add any wonderful ones that you think of.  Feel free to comment and let me know what affirmations you think of.  We can all use wonderful affirmations to help us enjoy each day.

Consider my 21-day Self-Guided Program or personalized life coaching to help you with this.

I offer new clients a free mini phone coaching session, just contact me now to schedule it.

You can attract what you want!

Certified Life Coach David


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