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Money, money, and more money

I recently had a session and I was working with a client on attracting more money into her life.  One of the things I asked her to do which really helped her raise her vibration about attracting more money into her life was to be greatful for all the money she did/does have.  What I mean by this is to be thankful for everything you currently have in any type of bank account, IRA, in your wallet, etc.  Also to be thankful for every check, payment, etc., you’ve ever received.  Take your time and get yourself very excited about all the money you had/have and really feel it.  When you do this you’ll be sending out such a strong vibration about attracting money that law of attraction will match it and more will be on its way!  Can you feel what it feels like to be thankful for every cent you ever made and every dollar you currently have?  Isn’t it exciting!

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