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My Dog Attracts What He Wants

The other day I realized the my dog Pippin is a very powerful attracter of what he wants.  It sounds funny to say that about a pet, but I think it’s true.  Here’s why.  Does he know about the Law of Attraction?  Of course not.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not reacting to him.

It hit me that every time he wants something to eat, he walks over to the refrigerator and stands there.  Within minutes someone is giving him a treat, or feeding him a meal.

When he wants to go for a walk, he stands by the front door.  Within minutes someone is there rushing to take him out for a nice long walk.

When he wants to have fun, he brings someone one of his toys or he barks at someone waiting for them to chase him.  Before he knows it he’s having fun playing.

Without him even thinking about it, all his needs are met!  I think that’s true for all dog breeds.

Using My Dog As An Example

If we could use Pippin as an example, we could all learn that if we could just expect what we want to manifest without any doubt, it would happen.

That’s the key to the Law of Attraction, which means like energy attracts like energy.

Pippin the dog doesn’t stand by the refrigerator without being certain he going to get a treat.  He doesn’t wait by the front door without knowing he’ll be going for a walk.  And, he brings someone a toy knowing they will throw it for him until he’s had enough.

Just Allow Law of Attraction To Happen

One of the steps in attracting something we want is to ask for it, and then just allow it to happen.  We can’t get caught up in how it will happen or when it will happen as that will just create resistance.  Once any resistance is felt (fear, worry, doubt, when, etc.) it lowers our vibration.  Once our vibration is lowered about something we want to attract, it’s like we put up a wall which blocks it.

If we could all be more like my dog Pippin and just expect and allow what we want to manifest, it will.  It’s the law.

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