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Life Coach David

Certified And Experienced Law Of Attraction Life Coach In Lake Worth, Florida

Providing Online Life Coaching Sessions For Individuals & Couples Virtually or Via Phone Worldwide.

My unique coaching style is perfect for anyone who’s already into the Law of Attraction. If you're new to the Law of Attraction, that's ok, as long as you are open to finding out about it. It’s important to know that my goal is to guide you to get the results you want.


Life Coach David

Thank you for considering me as your life coach.

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For many years I’ve been helping people as a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. I’ve coached hundreds of wonderful people of all ages and careers. Though people contact me for many different reasons, they all want to know how to use the Law of Attraction to help themselves in some way. They either want to know how to attract something (like: a wonderful relationship, more clients, more business, more money, etc.), and/or they want to know how to become really happy, more positive, unstuck, and become the best version of themselves.



I coach both individuals and couples to help get the support they need to move forward in a positive direction.

You’ll learn powerful processes, techniques, and ideas to help you attract whatever it is want — materialistically, for your business, for your life!

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Can the Law of Attraction work for

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Ask yourself these questions:

Do you want to attract what you want in all areas of life?

Are there areas of your life that you want to improve?

Have you watched videos or read books about the Law of Attraction, but you're still confused about it?

On a 1-10 happiness scale (10 feeling the happiest) do you feel below a 7 in general?


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  • PPK
  • Certified Consulting Hypnotist Chatham

David is a wonderful life coach. I sought Law of Attraction coaching from David for a variety of reasons and have loved the experience so far. David has many tools to help his clients and has great knowledge of the Law of Attraction. He gives me hope that my dreams will come true soon - ideally in 2021. Thank you David! :)

  • Certified Consulting Hypnotist Chatham
  • Vanessa

David is very kind and present to the situation I’m dealing with. He taught me very practical processes I could implement right after our sessions and began seeing tangible results with family and career. The trick is to stay open to all possibilities and be consistent about practicing LOA. David is a great coach!