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January 29, 2021

What Do You Want (from a Law of Attraction point-of-view)

From a Law of Attraction point-of-view why is it important to ask yourself "What do I want?"

Asking yourself, "What do I want?" is very important for a few reasons. The first reason is that we're supposed to be thinking about what we want! This is because what we think about and focus on is what we're setting ourselves up to attract. So the more we think about what we want, the better. I'm not sure how it happened, but we're not taught in school growing up to focus on what we want. Most of our parents don't know to do that, so we never find out. Hopefully if we're lucky enough at some point we find out about the Law of Attraction and it "clicks" with us.

What You Want or What You Don't Want

Another important time to ask yourself "What do I want?" is when you realize you're thinking about what you don't want. When you're thinking about what you don't want, you're setting yourself up to attract that. Why would you do that? Probably because of habit and no one told you "Stop doing that!" Wouldn't it be nice if growing up we were all taught to do that?!?!

We all have to do our best to think about what we want and why we want it. This helps put us in the vibration of what we want. The more you're in the vibration of what you want, the more real it feels which means as long as you keep a positive expectation about it, it has to manifest for you! After all, we're talking about a universal law - the Law of Attraction.

Exercise For You To Help

So start becoming very aware of what you're thinking about and how you're thinking about it. If you realize you're thinking about something you don't want, do your best in the moment to realize that and simply ask yourself "What do I want?" and then get lost in thought about what you want.

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