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Proof that Law of Attraction Works

Knowing about the Law of Attraction is wonderful, but does it work?  Where’s the proof?

I can answer that (and so can all my clients) by saying “YES!” and I have proof that it does.

Here are a few examples of how the Law of Attraction helped me attract what I wanted in the next few blog posts.  Law of Attraction works if you know what to do.

In a previous blog post, I already shared how I attracted my dream Central Park West apartment in New York City.  That was such a major “win” in so many ways.  This next true story is about how I attracted one version of my dream home that I’m currently living in.  I have a few versions, and this one is at the top of my list.

How Law of Attraction Found My Dream Home

There are several different versions of my dream home that I have, but one of them manifested like this.  One way to begin manifesting something you want is to come up with a list of what qualities you want in something.  That being said, I had to come up with what qualities I wanted in the home I was going to attract.  Doing this gets me into the vibration of having it, and gets me to focus on what I want.  We know that what we focus on is what we’re going to attract, so I better start thinking about what I’m looking for in this dream home.

Asking For What You Want

First, I wanted the house to be on a quiet street in a pretty setting.  At the time, my current house was on a corner and I could hear a lot of outside noise which wasn’t appealing to me.  So that’s why it was important to me to attract a home in a very quiet neighborhood.

I also wanted to attract a home that had nice views from the windows.  A nice view could be lots of trees, flower, a water element, and even neighbors that had nice homes.  This is what I wanted because at the time my current home only looked onto the neighbor’s house or the street.  I’d much rather look at trees or nature.

Another requirement was that I wanted it to be a single story home.  Walking up and down stairs is fine for me, but after visiting a friend who lived in a single story home, I really liked it.  It was so convenient to get everywhere, and having elderly parents I figured it would be easier for them as well.

My dog Pippin doesn’t like to do stairs because he’s little, so yet another reason for a single story.  I want Pippin to be happy too!

It’s OK To Ask For Everything You Want To Attract

Another feature I wanted was either a screened in porch, a sun room, or a very nice deck or all of the above.  I learned this after looking at a home that was on the market.  It had a gorgeous screened in porch and a glass sun room.  It felt really good to sit out there looking at the nice view.  After that I thought this is something I really want in a home.

Having a master bathroom was important as well because my current home didn’t have one.  When guests come and visit I wanted them to have their own bathroom.  A master bathroom with double sinks and a jacuzzi tub is also something that I wanted.  Why not ask for all that I want?

At least one working fireplace, and a nice kitchen with plenty of counter space is definitely on my list of thins I want.

I didn’t particularly care about the size of the home, I was more concerned with the features I wanted.

The Unexpected Happened

After looking at many homes for sale at the time, I was driving around one of the neighborhoods I was considering.  At one point I saw a For Sale By Owner sign on a ranch style home.  I took down the address and checked it out on the internet to see if there were any pictures.

There were pictures and I saw what the inside looked like and it was really nice.  It also had most of the features I was looking for.  However, the price of the home was more money than I could spend.

Having learned my lesson from the Central Park West apartment (see blog post about that), I had proof that anything is possible.  I also knew that I had been using Law of Attraction techniques to help me attract the home of my dreams.

So I went to look at the house even though the price was out of my range.  As soon as I walked in I knew it was the home for me!  It had everything I was asking for except it did have two stairs up to the bedrooms.  Two stairs is close enough!  I got such a good feeling being inside that it already felt like home (even though most of the walls were painted salmon color).

We decided to put an offer on the home and were told the owner already accepted an all cash offer.  Even with that information, I still kept focusing on the house from a Law of Attraction point-of-view.

Law of Attraction In Action

The realtor told me that the owner really liked us the most out of all the people that were interested in the home.  As a matter of fact once he found out we were going to make an offer he told the realtor something very interesting.  He said that if he could get out of selling it to the other people he would.  This was because really liked us and wanted us to have the home.  Because he had lived in the home for 14 years and didn’t want just anyone to buy it.

I was flattered, but found it hard to believe the owner would let go of an all cash offer.  About a week later I got a text from the realtor asking me if I was still interested in the home.  I responded “YES!”  He said that the owner didn’t want to make any fixes to the home that the inspector found.  As a result, the potential buyers backed out!

How amazing is that?!?!?

To make things even better, the owner accepted our lower offer and fixed everything that needed to be fixed!

Thank you Law of Attraction!

This is just one amazing example of how when you live your life from a Law of Attraction point-of-view, it only gets better.

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Choose to have a great day!

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