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The Casino and Law of Attraction

In my past few posts I demonstrated how I attracted some very impressive things using the Law of Attraction.  Believe it or not, it can happen at the casino too!  The first was my dream Central Park West apartment in New York City several years ago.  Then I talked about how I attracted a version of my dream home.  The Law of Attraction is very powerful and that demonstrated that.  I have so many true stories of how the Law of Attraction brought something I wanted into my life.

In this article I want to write about how I attracted some fun wins at the casino.  Some of my family and friends enjoy going to a casino about an hour away.  Sometimes I choose to go because I think it’s fun to play the slots.  Sometimes I play black jack too if the mood hits me.  Either way my main intention when I go is just to have fun.

Of course it’s great when I win, but believe it or not that’s not the main reason I go.  I’ve seen too many people get very upset when they don’t win on a slot machine or a table game.  One night I was there and someone put $2,000 into a slot machine and nothing happened.  He was so upset he punched the screen and cracked it.  It wasn’t long before security came and kicked him out!  I found it hard to believe that he put that much money into a slot machine.

My big splurge is that I usually bring $100 with me and if nothing happens I stop for the night.  Typically I can make that $100 last for a long time.  I can do that by playing minimum on a spin (.40 or .60 cents) compared to people who I see play max, which can be $8.00 a spin or more!

Sometimes I watch slot machine players on YouTube and most of them play max on every slot machine they play.  Typically that can range from $4.00 to $100.00 a spin.  I would like to try playing max because if I “hit” playing max, a bigger jackpot can be won.  However, for now I’ll just enjoy playing a smaller amount and having fun.

How To Use Law of Attraction At The Casino

Being a Law of Attraction life coach, I use what I know to help myself win.  Do I always win?  No.  But, I do have a high rate of winning.

There are several techniques I use to help put myself in a winning vibration.  One is that I pretend (in my mind) that I win on each spin – even if I don’t.  By doing that it’s putting me in the vibration of winning which feels really good.  More often than not, I do win and usually leave the casino with more than I came with.  I don’t think that’s an accident because I deliberately focus on what I want while I’m playing.  Another technique I use is to imagine the screen of the slot machine filled with all the same symbol.  If that really happens then that would be a big win.  It’s so much fun when I imagine the screen filled with the same symbol and then it happens.  I’ve experienced that many times and always welcome more of it.

True Casino Wins with Law of Attraction

Some of my big win stories are fun to talk about.  The first one I want to share is that I sat at a slot machine and at the top it said “Win Up To 100 Free Spins!”  Instead of thinking like most people probably would have “yeah right,” I though “Yes, I want 100 free spins!”  After going through $20 on that slot machine, nothing happened.  I left thinking “It would have been so exciting to get 100 free spins.”

I then went to another slot machine that looked appealing to me.  On the third spin I got the bonus symbol in every column.  (Usually the bonus symbol appears in just 3 columns which is what you need to get the bonus).  The screen then said “Bonus Won – 100 Free Spins Awarded.”  Bingo – I got 100 free spins!!!  It wasn’t on the machine that announced it, but it happened on the next one I played.  How amazing is that?!?!?  It felt so good to manifest that.  There was a lady playing at the machine next to me and she said she played that machine before and never saw anyone get 100 free spins until now.  In the end those 100 free spins added up to about $650.  Thank you Law of Attraction!

Another Fun Law of Attraction Example

Another time on the way to the casino my friends and I were talking about getting a hand pay.  A hand pay means that the slot machine has to hit over $1,000.  When this happens the attendant literally counts the money won into your hand.

In the car I said “I’m getting a hand pay tonight!”  Everyone was like that sounds good, I want one too.  We get to the casino and I had $50 free play from the casino.  Free play means I’m using their money to play the slots, up to $50.  I sat down at a machine called “Pharos Fortune” and because I was using their money I decided to play max.  Max was $2.00 a spin (compared to my usual .40 or .60 cents per spin).  What a big spender I am – LOL.

A few spins in I got the bonus and the screen filled with wild symbols.  At first I wasn’t sure what that meant.  But as the machine kept counting money won, it added up to $2,300!  It hit me that I got my hand pay!  I declared it in the car and it happened!  After the attendant counted the money into my hand I went to another slot machine.  I was at such a high vibration from the hand pay that I won $1,000 on that machine.  What a lucrative night at the casino!  Thank you Law of Attraction!

Though I’ve had other wins, the two example above are the most fun to talk about.  It just demonstrates that when we are in the vibration of what we want, it has to happen.  It’s the law – the Law of Attraction.

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