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The escalator process

You know when you first get on an up escalator and you look up did you ever realize that you expect to get to the top.  You never think “gee, I wonder if this escalator will get me to the top”.  You just know that it will.  Well try to think of exactly how you want your life to be.  You’re on the escalator of life looking up and at the top is that life that you want.  If you can have that same knowing that you WILL reach that point and never look back and doubt that, then guess what, you will!  It’s when you start questioning yourself and doubting yourself that you step backwards on the escalator of life and prevent it from carrying you to where you want to be.  So try to focus as much as possible on what you want, on exactly how you want your life to be so that you will be “carried” to that place.  If you find yourself in lack or doubt being carried the opposite way, simply choose to think about what you do want with the knowing that if you just look ahead without getting in your own way that you will get to that destination.  Are you choosing to focus on what’s at the top of your escalator?

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