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What are you thinking about?

When it comes to being a certified Law of Attraction life coach, one of the most important things I look out for is how my clients think about something they want, so that I can show them how to think about what they want so they will attract it instead of complaining about what they want, which will keep it away from them.

I thought of this today when I was eating lunch out at a very busy local eatery.  It’s the kind of place where all the tables are very close to each other.  You’re at your own table, but you might as well be sitting with your neighbor.

After sitting down and while I was enjoying my salad, I started realizing that everyone around me was complaining about this or that to the person they were sitting with.  Even the lady on the cell phone was telling someone some very negative things about a situation she found herself in.

No wonder why so many people out there keep attracting more and more of what they don’t want – it’s because that’s what they mainly talk about!

Just think how amazing it would be if everyone talked about what they wanted and the good things that happened to them that day.

Remembering that the Law of Attraction responds to both good and bad vibrations/thoughts to bring you more of the same, don’t you want to be aware enough to have more of what you want brought into your daily experience?

So if you’re someone who complains alot about a situation or talks negatively about this or that, if you want to stop those kinds of experiences from happening to you over and over again, start talking about what you do want and focus on that.  When you do that it’s amazing how good things can get.

What is it that you’re talking about with your friends and family?

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