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What exit are you taking?

You know when you’re driving on the highway there’s exit signs for the various street names and towns?  There’s also signs that welcome you to a new state – like “welcome to New Jersey, the garden state”.  Well try to think of your life as being on a highway, but instead of the exit signs letting you know which street or town a particular exit will take you to, the exit signs are thought related!  For example some of the exit signs you might see on the highway of life are “Feel Good Street”, “Joy Avenue”, “Excitement Lane”, “Laughterville”, “Perfect Health Blvd.”, “Wonderful Relationship Road” or even “Welcome to a Happy Life.”!  Of course I was giving you some examples of exits you’d want to take!  However, there is always contrast, so some of the exits you may see, or may be choosing to get off at may say “Not Worthy Street”, “Lacksville”, “Poor Me Ave.”, “Negative Thoughts Lane”, “I’ll Never Be Happy Street”, etc. etc.  You see, it’s always, always, always a choice at which “exit” you’ll take!  So, on your highway of life, what exits have you been taking and what exits are you now willing to take?

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