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What is your “Thought Footprint”?

We all know that there is a carbon footprint and it’s good to know how your carbon footprint is effecting the world.
But what about your thought footprint?
What thoughts are you putting out there into the universe?
Are you polluting the universal thought consciousness and helping to cause negative things happening?
Or, are you helping the universal thought consciousness by thinking positive thoughts, and therefore helping to bring positive events and circumstances to the world?
In my opinion, it’s just as important to be aware of your thought footprint as you are of your carbon footprint.
Being aware of your thought footprint, and choosing to think and feel positive thoughts will help attract more positive things to yourself, as well as to the world at large.
So I’m asking you to start to become aware of your thought footprint and if you find you’re contributing negatively to yourself and the world, consider updating your thoughts to more positive thoughts.
So I ask you, what’s your thought footprint, and are you willing to improve it?
Here’s to an improved universal thought footprint!
Life Coach David

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