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What’s your life’s purpose?

Have you ever thought about what your life’s purpose is?  I mean your true life’s purpose, not about your title in whatever career you’re in – I’m talking about what you’re going to bring to the world.  Do you want to always come from joy?  Do you want to help others as much as possible?  Do you want to serve people in some way?  Do you want to be an example of what it truly means to be happy?  One way to start exploring what you’re life’s purpose is, is to imagine that you are in charge of a new planet.  When you get there whatever you decide how you want the plane to be – will be!  What do you want the planet to look like?  How do you want the people there to be?  I know for me I’d want it to look beautiful with lavish gardens and waterfalls and beautiful sunsets, etc.  I’d also want everyone who lives there to instantly be filled with joy and love.  Even the animals on this planet are all friendly and are not dangerous in any way.  Everyones main focus is on being happy and manifesting what they want.  What would your planet look like, and how does it relate to your life’s purpose?

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