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Do your thoughts matter?

It’s very interesting to contemplate the question “Do your thoughts matter?”  In order to do that you have to start becoming very aware of what you’re thinking about.  It may sounds simple, but it’s up to you to determine what you’re focusing on.  This can be a little tricky because until you’re aware of that, it seems like our thoughts are random.  You may happen to be thinking about something that makes you feel good. Or, you may happen to be focusing on more resistant thoughts (fear, worry, or doubt) about something.

How Can I Improve My Thoughts?

It helps to know that what you’re focusing on is what you’re setting yourself up to attract.  After all, the Law of Attraction means “like energy attract like energy.”  This goes for your thoughts as well.  To make it clearer, remember that like thoughts attract like thoughts.  So yes, your thoughts do matter!

For example, say something happens to you that wasn’t a positive experience.  Most likely you’ll think about it for a while and you’ll get lost in why it happened.  You may even try to figure out why that bad thing happened so it doesn’t happen again.  You’ll also tell all your friends about it and before you know it, you’ve spent a lot of time focusing on that bad thing that happened.  By doing that, you’re continuing to put yourself in the vibration of it.  As a result, you’ll attract more negative thoughts and before you know it something else “bad” will happen to you.

I’m going to suggest that it’s always a choice what you’re thinking about!  Even when the “bad” thing happens, it’s still a choice how long you’re going to think about it.  You can just as easily refocus your thoughts to something a little better.  By doing that you’ll start pulling yourself up into a better vibration.  The better the vibration (based on what you’re choosing to think about), the more you’re setting yourself up for positive experiences.

Example Of Choosing Your Thoughts

Let’s take Paul for example.  Paul wants to attract more money into his life.  He keeps thinking about how in debt he is, how he can’t afford to go on vacation, and how he’ll never be able to buy a house.  Obviously, Paul will continue to think about negative thoughts about money (like thoughts attract like thoughts).  By doing that he’s setting himself up to continue to not attract more money.

However, Paul finds out about the Law of Attraction and gets some coaching and now knows that his thoughts determine what he’s going to attract.  He starts to deliberately focus on what he would do and how he would feel if he had a lot of money!  He’s walking around thinking thoughts like “I can’t wait to buy my first home.  It’s going to be a single story and have a peaceful feel inside.  I can’t wait to buy my dream car.  I’ve always wanted a Mercedes and it’s going to feel so good to have one in my garage!”

With continued more positive thoughts about having money (instead of lack of money), Paul is setting himself up to start attracting more money.  It’s the Law of Attraction, it has to happen.

Become Aware Of Your Thoughts

So what have you been thinking about today?  Do you find yourself thinking about something that annoyed you, or something that bothers you?  Or, are you focusing more on what you are thankful for and appreciative of?  Now you know that the more you focus on something – good or bad – the more of that you will attract.

So, check in with your thoughts and make sure you’re focusing on something positive so that you’ll draw more positive things into your life.  Always remember that what you’re thinking about is a choice – what will you choose?

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Choose to have a great day!

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