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Your Law of Attraction Web

When it comes to the Law of Attraction it’s not always about manifesting something you want in the moment. Sometimes it is about setting up your Law of Attraction Web first.  Thinking about it like a web is an interesting image.  It can help you imagine using the Law of Attraction in a different way.  Typically there’s a time delay between proclaiming what you want and it actually happening.  This is for many reasons.  The most typical is that there can be doubt when we first realize there’s something we want.  Sometimes we can come up with all kinds of reasons why what we want seems out of reach (even though it really isn’t).

Once you get yourself out of doubt and are a vibrational match to what you want, then it has to manifest for you.  It has to because it’s the law (the Law of Attraction).  The second is that it wouldn’t be natural to suddenly get everything you want, that would be too overwhelming.  It may sound great to suddenly manifest everything, but in reality it would be way too much to handle.

Can Something Manifest In The Moment?

It is possible to manifested in the moment.  I have experienced that many times.  For example, one time it snowed very deep and I needed help shoveling the bottom of the driveway because the snow plows made a huge wall right at the bottom.  I stood there thinking “I really need help with this, I’m asking for someone to help.”  I kept standing there waiting for help to arrive.  Did I know it would arrive?  No.

I just trusted that it would and hoped for the best.  Lucky for me, literally a few minutes later, a guy drove by with his truck which had a snow plow attached to it.  He saw me and stopped the truck, rolled down his window and said “Can I plow the bottom of your driveway for you?”  That was such a nice and quick manifestation.  I didn’t even wave him over or ask him to do anything.  On his own he felt motivated to see if I needed help.  He didn’t even charge me which is amazing.  He plowed it out, waved goodbye, and left.  Thank you Law of Attraction!

How Quickly Can Something Manifest?

However, when something doesn’t manifest quickly, there’s no need to panic.  It’s important to do your best to still focus on what you want and keep yourself at a high vibration about it.  By doing that you’re setting yourself up to attract it.  It’s never our job to figure out when or how something will manifest.  We just have to stay at a high vibration and expect it to happen.  The minute you start doubting it will happen or questioning when it will happen, then you’re putting yourself at a low vibration about it.  You can’t be at a low vibration about something you want and expect it to happen.  Low vibration thoughts (doubt, lack, worry) attract more low vibration thoughts.

The good news is that high vibration thoughts attract more high vibration thoughts.  So once you get started on thinking about something you want in a more positive way, more positive thoughts will come in about it.

It’s kind of like when someone you know complains about all the horrible things that happened to them.  It’s no surprise that they did because they kept themselves in a low vibration when the first thing happened, and that triggered more low vibration experiences.  The same is true in reverse.  One wonderful thing can trigger more wonderful things.  We live in a vibrational universe and that’s what the Law of Attraction responds to.  Your vibration.

Here’s how to spin your Law Of Attraction web

Think of it like a spider’s web.  Every time you think about what you want you’re adding to your web of manifestation.  Every time you deliberately keep yourself at a raised vibration and feeling good, you’re adding to the web of manifestation.  The more thoughts and high vibrations you have in your web of manifestation, the stronger your web is, and what you want will stick to it and manifest for you.

But, every time you feel lack or think you can’t have something, you’re breaking the web and allowing what you want to fall through.  It kind of helps to think that because it will help you refocus on what you want.  Every time you refocus from what you don’t want, to what you do want you’re strengthening your “web.”

So start focusing on what you want, and feeling good, so your web of attraction will be strong and you’ll start attracting what you want.

Refocus On What You Want

So many times when I got discouraged about something that I wanted to have happen, I would remind myself about this.  So I would refocus on what I wanted, knowing that the more I do that, the more it will happen for me.

For example, many times I work with people to help them manifest a life partner (husband or wife).  When I first start working with them I hear a lot of stories about dates gone bad and relationships gone bad.  They have a lot of holes in their Law of Attraction web when it comes to dating.  Every time they think they’re getting somewhere with someone, for some reason it falls apart.  When it falls apart they allow themselves to get into a low vibration place about dating.  Their head fills with doubt and thoughts like “Why is it so hard to meet someone special?”  “How come all the good ones are already taken?”  “Will I ever meet someone who I connect with that sticks around long enough to get to know me?”

Like Thoughts Attract Like Thoughts

As I mentioned before, like thoughts attract like thoughts.  So the more they think those thoughts, the more of the same type of thought will come in.  After several coaching sessions they begin to realize that they have to think about dating in a more positive way.  By doing this they’re strengthening their “web” and will start to attract more dates.  However, with a more positive vibration the dates they’ll attract will work out better for them.  Eventually they will find their soul mate and be in a wonderful relationship.  I’ve seen this happen many times because once they shifted their thoughts to more positive thoughts, it has to happen.

Spin your vibrational web into one that is filled with what you want, instead of what you don’t want.  By doing that what you want will stick to your web and you’ll manifest it into this reality.  It’s all up to you based on what you’re thinking about and how you’re thinking about it!

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You can attract what you want!

Certified Life Coach David

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