January 18, 2022

Toni L.

I have literally manifested everything I had on my list when I first started coaching with David. Of course now I have more that I want. He's the best!

December 17, 2021

Matthew S.

I knew about the Law of Attraction but still wasn't attracting what I wanted, and I was not feeling as good as I knew I had to be. Fortunately I found Life Coach David! Since working with him I figured out what I was doing wrong and have totally turned things around. Thanks to David and the processes he taught me, not only have I started attracting more of what I want, I've become a more positive person. My family and friends have told me they've noticed a difference which is great, but more importantly I've taken control over how happy I feel each day and that's huge for me. I'm so thankful I found David which is why I was happy to write this review.

December 1, 2021

Cliff R.

I wanted to leave a review because I am so happy with my results from coaching with David. I contacted him because I knew about the Law of Attraction but I wasn't getting the results I wanted, and I was also somewhat depressed. I knew I had to improve both areas in order to feel happier and feel more inspired to attract what I want. I'm happy to say that I am no longer depressed and if I should feel that way again, I now know what to do to get back to feeling good. I've also had way more opportunities with my business. There's a huge positive difference with how I'm experiencing life now compared to before working with David.

October 28, 2021

David S.

Covid hit and that in itself altered life but for me, life got altered a bit more with my marriage dissolving. I was lost; my future I had planned was gone. First, it was halted due to Covid then it was gone with my marriage over. I had life planned out but that changed overnight, and I needed more than ever someone to help me find some positivity to what had happened and light at the end of the tunnel. David taught me techniques to turn my negative thinking into positive. It wasn’t a one day change when you hit a low point and reach for help, but doing my daily tasks each morning and the techniques David taught me, I began to think life wasn’t out to get me. We talked about goals and my future, breaking down barriers of what had me afraid such as how people saw me, and how I viewed myself. I have new goals now, and I know now I can be and do anything; sky really is the limit. From my darkest moments to light shining through, David helped me find strength I never knew I had. This is a life change and I can’t say I won’t ever get upset again in my life because of course moments like that will happen, but now I have great tools at my disposal should that happen. Life is a series of up’s and down’s and there’s no shame in needing help and asking for it. I’m glad I found David and he helped me overcome a very difficult time in my personal life to think towards a positive. I HIGHLY recommend David to anyone who’s considering coaching with him.

July 5, 2021

Lauren K

I had originally wanted coaching to find out how to attract what I want. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that practicing the processes David taught me, I've never felt happier. If you want the "real deal" for a coach, David is it.

July 1, 2021


I first wanted coaching from David so I could know how to attract what I want. I wanted to write this review because one of the things I wanted was a better job. Thanks to David and my new understanding of how to use the Law of Attraction, out of the blue I attracted two job opportunities! I hadn't even put out the feelers yet, and boom, 2 opportunities! I ended up interviewing for both and accepted the second one. I know that the other things I manifested as well as this new job would not have happened if it wasn't for my coaching with David!

May 19, 2021


David has helped me so much and he is also very kind and resourceful. If I could give him more stars I would!

February 22, 2021


David is a wonderful life coach. I sought Law of Attraction coaching from David for a variety of reasons and have loved the experience so far. David has many tools to help his clients and has great knowledge of the Law of Attraction. He gives me hope that my dreams will come true soon - ideally in 2021. Thank you David! :)

January 22, 2021


David is an excellent coach and mentor. He has helped me navigate through and understanding how to manifest correctly and in a way that will improve my life. I have been able to raise my vibration.

November 17, 2020


Every time I hung up the phone with David, my mood was lifted immensely. I have gained so many practices and tools to keep this mood up and draw in good things into my life, or help me feel better when things aren't going well. I think something like this is truly "the missing piece" when you are ready to just let go and finally be happy... Thank you David for teaching me that this stuff can be possible, accessible and even pretty simple!

November 3, 2020

Caria C

David really cares for his clients and is an engaging and wonderful life coach!

October 8, 2020


David is very kind and present to the situation I’m dealing with. He taught me very practical processes I could implement right after our sessions and began seeing tangible results with family and career. The trick is to stay open to all possibilities and be consistent about practicing LOA. David is a great coach!

October 7, 2020


David is heaven sent! He was a calming force to me during a very challenging time in my life. He has taught me how to channel my thoughts in positive ways. I highly recommend his services!

August 23, 2020


David is an amazing Law of Attraction Coach. I have learned a lot of valuable and helpful information from him.

August 19, 2020

Frank F

David is really caring, insightful and consistently upbeat. When I tell him about rough situations, he smooths them out and gerts me going again. I'm going to call him a Godsend!

June 11, 2020

Adrienne T

David can help you stay positive, focused and accomplish your goals. He is personable, empathetic, and so easy to talk to. You will really enjoy him while helping yourself!

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